Support - ADSL2+ Wireless G 4-Port Modem Router - NB6Plus4W Rev1

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Updating your Firmware is only recommended if you are having problems with your product or have been asked to do so by a NetComm Representative. It is critical to select the correct firmware for your product, before proceeding please confirm you are on the correct page by checking the sticker on the base of your NetComm equipment for the part/product number. You should also read the firmware upgrade instructions - located below - before starting the download.

Please take caution while upgrading the firmware. Installation of the incorrect firmware file, disruption to the power source or a break in the connection to your computer during the upgrade process may render your device unusable and void the product warranty.

Step 1 - Download the Firmware and Upgrade Instructions

Step 2 - Before Installing firmware

Ensure that ALL Antivirus/ Firewall/ Security programs are turned OFF before performing the firmware upgrade. Also ensure that you are performing this firmware upgrade when connecting to the modem/router with Ethernet cable

Do NOT use a Wireless connection to upgrade the firmware.

Step 3 - Prepare the files

If the file's extension is ".dat", ".cdi", ".img" or ".bin", do not try to open the files on your computer as they can become corrupt. You need to follow the instructions from the Firmware Upgrade Instructions Guide.

If the file's extension is ".zip" then you need to unzip the compressed files to a location on your computer to get the actual firmware file using UnZip or WinZip software and then follow the instructions from the guide.

GNU General Public License

This product may include software code that is subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). This code is subject to the copyrights of one or more authors and is distributed without any warranty. A copy of this software can be obtained by contacting NetComm Limited on +61 2 9424 2059. A postage and handling fee of AUD$10.00 will be applicable.




FAQs/Self Help


What is an Emulator?
An emulator replicates the functions of a NetComm device which is viewable from a standard web browser. Emulators are frequently used by support staff to view exactly what the customer is seeing when they login to the User Interface of their NetComm product.

OS Compatibility

Operating System Ethernet Connection USB/Serial Connection
Windows XP 32bit Yes Yes
Windows XP 64bit Yes No
Windows Vista 32bit Yes Yes
Windows Vista 64bit Yes No
Windows 7 32bit Yes Yes
Windows 7 64bit Yes No
Mac OSx Yes No