NP201AV - What to do when 2 different models of Home Plugs do not talk with each other?

When viewing the Private Network Name section in the NP200AV Utility, the "PrivateNetwork Name" field will NOT show the current Private Network Name of your HomePlugnetwork.

This is because the current Private Network Name is meant to be private, and is meant to blockother HomePlugs from connecting to your network without the exact same Private NetworkName.

If you wish to change the Private Network Name, simply enter the new one, tick the "ChangePrivate Network Name of remote device" box, enter the other HomePlug's Device ID (found underneath the HomePlug), and press the Apply button.

Note: When entering the Device ID, you MUST enter it in CAPITALS, and you must enter the "-"when required.

For Example: A2B1-EE2B-3QSG-KIOP