IFWA-40 - How can I configure the AT&T Wireless Internet to work with my web server?

If you are running a web server behind the AT&T Wireless Internet, you’ll need to forward inbound requests on port 80 to the web server. Log in to the web user interface as described in the User Manual.

  1. Click on Networking, then Port forwarding.

  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the Port forwarding rule, e.g. WebServer

  3. Use the Protocol drop-down list to select TCP.

  4. In the External ports field, type 80.

  5. In the Internal IP field, enter the internal IP address of the web server e.g.

  6. In the Internal ports field, type 80.

  7. Click the Add button. The rule appears in the Existing rules table.

    FWA-40 Port Forwarding
  8. Click the Save & Apply button.