N3G002W - My 3G modem/card is on the compatibility list. But why does the N3G002W not detect the modem as shown on the status page?

First of all the firmware of N3G002W needs to be updated. The latest firmware can be found on the support section of our website: http://www.netcomm.com.au/support

In addition, the 3G card utility software (provided by your 3G Service Provider) installed on your PC has options to turn on and turn off the radio state of the 3G card.

By default, the radio would be turned off when the card is exiting the computer environment, therefore when it is connected to the N3G002W router, it acts as inactive.

We would advise you to install the 3G card back in the computer and reconfigure the card management software to NOT to turn the radio off when the 3G card utility software is closed down. Once this is done, the 3G card can be re-installed in the N3G002W router and they should recognize each other.