NB1 - How do I Bridge my NB1?

A Bridged connection basically disables the routing, firewall and NAT features of the NB1. In a Bridged connection, the NB1 acts as a modem or hub, and just transmits packets between the WAN interface and the LAN interface. A Bridged connection assumes that another device is providing the routing functionality that is now disabled in the NB1.

To setup a Bridged Connection you will have to access the ADSL Router:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type the default IP address and press Enter.
  3. Enter the NB1 Username and Password.

    NB1 default user name is 'admin' and the password is 'admin'

    (Both username and password are case sensitive on these units).

    TIP: If you access the ADSL Router, and instead of getting a login screen, the browser instead displays a login redirection screen, check your browser settings and verify that JavaScript support is enabled. If the screen still does not appear, you may need to flush the your cached web pages; consult your browser help screens for how to do this if necessary.

Once Logged in:

  1. Click Setup and Connection 0 or PPPoE
  2. Change the Type to Bridge and LAN to Lan Group 1
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Click Tools and then click System Commands.
  5. Click the Save All button. Wait for the page to refresh.
  6. Click the Restart button. The device will now reboot.

Please wait 2 minutes for the reboot process to complete.

Your NB1 is now in Bridge mode.
You can now connect the NB1 into your router, and setup the router in "PPPoE" mode.