NB1 - How do I Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding is necessary because NAT [Network Address Translation] only forwards traffic from the Internet to the LAN if a specific port mapping exists in the NAT translation table. Because of this, the NAT provides a level of protection for computers that are connected to your LAN. However, this also creates a connectivity problem when you want to make LAN resources available to Internet clients, which you may want to do to play network games or host network applications.

Thus Port Forwarding is necessary to run certain games, chat clients, video-conferencing and other kinds of application. You might also need to configure port- forwarding if you intend to host a web server or mail server that is to be visible outside your LAN.

For procedures on how to configure a Port Forwarding Rule, please view the instructions in the attached .PDF file at the end of this article.

Alternatively, you can follow along with the Video Guides available at our website.

Select your product, then select "Port Forwarding".


You may also wish to visit the following site:

Port Forward.com contains a listing of the ports required to open for a great deal of Games, Applications, etc. Additionally, they also provide Step-by-Step instructions on how to Port Forward for some NetComm routers.

NB1-How to port forward