NB1 - How do I setup a DMZ?

A DMZ can be used to allow all ports (that have not already been specified in other Port Forwarding Rules) to be forwarded to a specific IP Address, such as a computer, another Routing device, etc.

BEFORE CONTINUING: A DMZ will only work when the device that you are planning to point the DMZ to has a Static IP Address.

Please follow the instructions located on this webpage:

If the default IP Address of your modem is, then you will need to set the following Static IP Address:

  • IP Address: 192.168.1.x (x being a number between 2 and 254 that is not currently being used by another device.
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway: (this is the IP Address of your modem)
  • Primary DNS: Can be aquired from your ISP (can use instead)
  • Secondary DNS: Can be aquired from your ISP (can use instead)
    1. Open your web browser.
    2. Type the default IP address and press Enter.
    3. Enter the NB1 Username and Password.
      NB1 default user name is 'admin' and the password is 'admin'
      (Both username and password are case sensitive on these units).
      TIP: If you access the ADSL Router, and instead of getting a login screen, the browser instead displays a login redirection screen, check your browser settings and verify that JavaScript support is enabled. If the screen still does not appear, you may need to flush the your cached web pages; consult your browser help screens for how to do this if necessary.

Once Logged in:

    • Click Advanced Settings.
    • Click Advanced, then Port Forwarding.
      You may receive an error message stating you have not setup a LAN Client yet. If you haven't already added a LAN Client, you will need to do so. Select LAN Clients from the left, enter in the IP Address of the device you are setting a DMZ to, enter in a descriptive name for this device in Hostname, and press Apply)
    • Select the correct LAN IP from the LAN IP list (the one you want the DMZ to point to).
    • Click the DMZ link on the right.
    • Tick the Enable DMZ box. Confirm that the correct LAN IP is displayed in the LAN IP box.
    • Press Apply.
    • Click Tools and then click System Commands.
    • Click the Save All button. Wait for the page to refresh.
    • Click the Restart button. The device will now reboot.
    • You have successfully configured a DMZ to the specified LAN IP.