NB1200 - Advanced Installation/Setup

Advanced setup allows you to choose which ADSL settings you want to use for your ISP. You will need to know the following details about your ADSL service before commencing an advanced installation - consult your ISP if you are unsure.

Setting type Choices
VPI Number 0-255
VCI Number 0-65535
Encapsulation PPPoA, PPPoE, RFC1483

  1. To run Advanced Setup, browse the CD-ROM without running the Autolaunch feature. Open My Computer, right-click on the CD-ROM drive and choose 'Open'.
  2. Double-click the Advanced icon, which will launch the Advanced setup software.
  3. The Software will launch and prompt you to agree to the License Agreement. Click 'Yes'.
  4. Enter your Protocol, VCI and VPI choices as supplied by your ISP. Click Next.
  5. Choose your Framing Type as supplied by your ISP. Click Next.
  6. The software will now install and, if prompted, you should connect your ADSL USB modem to your computer via the supplied USB cable.
    Note: Windows 98 and Windows Me users will need to connect the modem when the 'Process is going on' box appears, before the restart process. Windows XP and Windows 2000 users will need to wait until after the computer has restarted.
    Once you have done this, and all software has finished installing, restart your computer.
  7. Continue from Step 2 of the appropriate Operating System in the Standard Installation section of the user guide