NB1200 - How to setup the NetComm USB ADSL modem?

* - This article appeared in the NetComm Reseller news In Oct 2002

The new USB ADSL modem that NetComm have released is a remarkably easy device to install. An automated installation process ensures a minimum of problems during the install process. User interaction is reduced to a point that almost no experience is necessary to install it, making this product a welcome change from some ADSL modems on the market that make installation a daunting task.

Installing your NB1200

The NB1200 is shipped with a comprehensive installation guide that shows all the required steps and explains all procedures clearly, the following is a brief overview of the 3-step process required to install the NB1200.

Step 1. Install your modem drivers

This is the standard (recommended) set-up*.

This needs to be done BEFORE attaching your modem to your PC. To start the driver install process simply insert the included CD-ROM (NetComm part number CRS757). The CD-ROM will automatically start the install process. To continue the install process you must read and accept the License Agreement by selecting the 'Yes' button, once this has been accepted the drivers will be installed. To complete the install you will be prompted to reboot your PC.

Step 2. Install the modem

After Windows has restarted:

  1. connect the ADSL line to the line socket on the back of the modem;
  2. connect the USB cable to your computers USB port;
  3. connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB socket on the back of the modem.

The modem will automatically be detected and a shortcut for your connection will be created on your desktop.

Step 3. Connect to the Internet

Once the modem has been installed and the DUN connection created, you are ready to connect to the Internet.

To do this:

  1. click on the shortcut on your desktop
  2. enter your username and password as supplied by your Internet Service Provider
  3. click on dial and you should be connected and ready to browse the Net.


* Of course, if you require further configuration options you can follow the advanced set-up steps as listed in the install guide, this will give you more flexibility during configuration and more options.