NB16WV-03 - How Do I Increase the Wireless Reception?

Increasing your wireless reception

If you are experiencing wireless reception drop outs or disconnections, another wireless network or device may be broadcasting on the same wireless channel as your own network.

You can usually resolve this by changing the wireless channel in use on your network.

This guide will take you through the steps required to change the wireless channel in use.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

  2. Enter admin for both the username and password fields and press the Login button.

  3. If you have been asked for First Time Setup Wizard, choose No Thanks, take me to the Basic Interface.

  4. Select the Switch to Advanced View option from near the bottom of the screen.

  5. For 2.4GHz WiFi, select the Wireless 2.4GHz option from the Network Setup menu.

  6. Select a different channel from the one currently selected. Recommended channels to use are 1, 6 and 11.

  7. Press the Save button.

  8. For 5GHz WiFi, select the Wireless 5GHz option from the Network Setup menu.

  9. Select a different channel from the one currently selected.

  10. Press the Save button.

    Please change the channels with your laptop/computer that is being connected to your modem with the Ethernet Cable (yellow cable that comes with the modem) and do the WiFi detection and speed test with another mobile device.

    Please make sure that every time you have changed to a channel and saved it then you need to run a speed test at: http://speedtest.net and write down the result for each channel.

    Please do the speed test wirelessly.

    The best channel is the one with the highest download speed.

    If on a specific channel, your other mobile device can not detect the WiFi at all after sometime, please skip that channel to a different channel number (it means that channels is a bad channel) until your mobile device can detect the WiFi again on the other channel's number then continue with speed test as above.

    By doing this then you can find what is the best channel for your environment.

    If you are still experiencing wireless reception issues, there may be infrastructure (walls, floors, wiring, etc) impeding your wireless signal. Please try moving the wireless device to a position close to your modem / router and try connecting again.