NB16WV-03 - IPTV Setup Guide

IPTV Setup Guide1.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser using �admin� (without quotation marks) as both the username and password to login to the router.
  2. If you have been asked for First Time Setup Wizard , choose �No Thanks, take me to the Basic Interface.�
  3. Click the Switch to advanced view to open the advanced view of the configuration page.
  4. Select the Network Setup menu and then click the second Network Setup option.
  5. Select the WAN interface. (Select ADSL if you are using an ADSL connection)
  6. Select PVC1 (or a different unused PVC) and ensure it is Active.
  7. Select RFC 1483 Bridged as the WAN Type.
  8. Select LLC as the Data Encapsulation.
  9. Enter 0 as the VPI number and 35 as the VCI number.
  10. Select UBR as the Schedule type.
  11. Select Autoas the Multicast.
  12. Ensure that the IMGP Snooping Enable tick box is ticked.
  13. Ensure that the VLAN TAG Enable tick box is not ticked.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Click OK to confirm the reboot if being asked to.

The NB16WV-03 is now configured for IPTV.