NB16WV-03 - MAC Address Filter Setup Guide

MAC Address Filtering

MAC address filtering refers to the process of allowing (or denying) access to your wireless network based on the hardware address of the device attempting to connect.*

This Wireless MAC address is usually printed on the underside of the device you are attempting to allow (or deny) access to.


Ensure you are making any MAC address filtering configuration changes from an ethernet connected computer.

If you are not able to do this, remember to add the MAC address of the computer you are making the configuration changes from to the allowed access list.

You will lock yourself out of the wireless network if you do not and an ethernet connection will be required.

*- If supported by your model of modem / router.

Enable MAC address filtering

This guide will take you through the process of enabling MAC address filtering.

1. Navigate to in a web browser.

2. Enter admin (without quotes) into both the username and password fields and press the Login button.


3. If you have been asked for First Time Setup Wizard , choose No Thanks, take me to the Basic Interface.


4. Select the Switch to Advanced View option from near the bottom of the page.


5. Select the MAC Control option from the Security Settings menu.


6. Enter a tick in the MAC Address Control field to enable it.


7. Enter a tick in Connection Control and select either allow or deny for unspecified MAC addresses to connect.

8. Enter a tick in Association Control and select either allow or deny for unspecified MAC addresses to connect.

9. Enter the MAC Address of the wireless device you wish to allow or deny access to the router and tick C for Connection Control and or A for Association Control.

10. Press the Save button after making any changes.

You will then need to repeat this process for any subsequent devices you want to allow or deny access your wireless network.