NB504 - How to stop wireless dropouts & improve the signal?

Open your Web-Browser, and type the following numbers into the Address Bar:
Then press Enter. If prompted for a Username and Password, use "admin" and "admin" without the quotes.

Once you are logged in, click on the "Wireless" link at the left-hand menu of the screen, followed by "Wireless Settings" on the lefthand side. You can then select a different wireless channel to use.

Please try selecting channels at opposite ends of the scale from the channel you are currently using. This will mean you avoid any interference you are experiencing on your currently selected channel.

You can also try disabling the "Select best quality channel automatically" option and see if this improves your wireless connection.

If you are still experiencing wireless reception problems, you may need to utilise a Homeplug (or Ethernet over Power) adapter instead. The Homeplug enables you to use the eletrical wiring in your house as a network connection.