NB704 - How to Perform Factory Reset?

The following describes how to reset the NetComm NB702 & NB704 to Factory Defaults.

First, connect the RS-232 console port to an ASCII data terminal or the PC with Windows.
Serial Terminal Mode set to VT-100 (i.e. Hyper Terminal).

[To Start the Hyper-terminal, follow these steps:
In Windows 98 or Windows NT:
Click on the Start button -> Programs -> Accessories -> Hyper Terminal Group - Double Click Hypertrm.exe -> Enter Connection Name -> Select Icon -> Click OK]

Second, Select a COM port to communicate with the NB704:
Choose direct to COM1 or COM2 and click on OK

Third, Set Port Properties:
Port Setting:
Bit per second: 9600
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Parity bits: None
Flow Control: None
Function, arrow, and ctrl keys act as: Windows keys
Emulation: Auto-detect
Back-scroll buffer lines: 500
ASCII Setup: Echo typed characters locally
Line delay: 0 milliseconds
Character line feeds incoming line ends: enable

Enter ? followed by >> to retrieve the list of commands to begin the configuration.

Enter home to return to the main menu.

? >> ?  - Lists the commands available under the main menu

>> default  - Set all configuration to factory setting