NB9W - Are there any WDS limitations?

The WDS (Wireless Distribution System) implementation has the following limitations:

  • When using WDS, WPA-PSK Wireless Security can not be used. This is due to the fact that WDS is NOT a Wi-Fi Certified Standard Tehcnology, and therefore, the supportedsecurity / other features are not standardised. This may be rectifiedin the upcoming 802.11s or 802.11n standards.
    Please Note: This will not be rectified on the NB9W, as the NB9W only supports 802.11b/g.
  • When scanning for available Wireless Networks from the NB9W,only networks with the same Wireless Channel as the NB9W will bedisplayed. For example, if the channel is set to 6 on the NB9W, it willonly display other Wireless Networks that are also on channel 6.