NB9W - How do I change the WEP Key?

To change the Wireless Security WEP Key:

  1. Open your Web Browser and login to the NB9W (default address is:
  2. Click Wireless, then Security, then Set Encryption Key.
  3. Change the key from A1B2C3D4E5 to your own customised one.
    You can only use the letters A F and the numbers 0 9.
    64bits will require you to enter 10 characters.
    128bits will require you to enter 26 characters.
  4. Click Save/Apply, then Save/Apply again, then Management on the left, then Save/Reboot, then press the Save/Reboot button.

Afterpressing Save/Reboot, the Wireless Connection from your Wireless computer will be disconnected. This is because the Wireless portion ofthe NB9W is being restarted with the new WEP Key.

Youwill need to re-enter your Wireless Security WEP Key into the computer in order for you to reconnect to the Wireless Network.

If you have a third-party Wireless Adapter, you will need to contact the Manufacturer for instructions on how to connect to the Wireless Network.