NB9W - How do I resolve an Apple Mac wireless connectivity issue?

There have been some reports of Apple and Xbox hardwareexperiencing issues connecting to a number of different brands andmodels of modems / wireless routers after a recent update. In somecases, this can cause the modem or wireless router to restart whenevera wireless connection is started from either an Apple or Xboxdevice.

There are currently two workarounds in placefor this issue:

  1. Change from using WEP toWPA-PSK or WPA-PSK2 Wireless security(recommended).
  2. Downgrade the firmware on yourNB9W.

Changing your Wirelesssecurity is the recommended resolution for this issue. For assistancewith doing this, please refer to the guide available at the followingaddress:
Wireless Security SetupGuide

We are currently looking into thisissue and hope to address it in a future firmware release.