NP202Wn - Why is it that my HomePlug units do not find each other using the configuration utility?

  1. Plug them both into the same power outlet, and then make sure the LED's on the units light up. If the lights do not turn on try another power plug.
  2. Make sure that the units are not plugged into a power surge protector, or an extension cord (sometimes the signal cannot be sent through these devices).
  3. Power-cycle the units by unplugging the units and waiting a couple of minutes and plug the units back in.
  4. Check the private network name on the HomePlug units. Each Homeplug unit needs to have the same private network name so that they can communicate with each other. To change the private network name, you need to connect them directly to the computer and run the Powerline utility. The default private network name on the NP202Wn is 'HomePlugAV'.