SmartVoice Gateway - Direct FXO calls to FXS

How to forward incoming PSTN call received on the FXO port to any unengaged (on-hook) FXS ports?

The following scenario uses V431 as example, but configuration also applies to all smart voice gateways, which has at least one FXO port.

The scenario is:

Model: V431

1 FXO port receives an incoming from PSTN;

1 FXS port is in off-hook state (engaged or in an active call)

1 FXS port is in on-hook state.

Goal: divert the FXO incoming call to the FXS port which is in on-hook state.


  1. Set Telephony Settings-> FXS Group Hunting/Ring = Hunting (or Simultaneous to ring all FXS ports phones which are in on hook state)
  2. Add an entry into Phone Book, Gateway Name = any name; Gateway Number = FXS Representative Number (SIP phone number in your case); IP= (V431 Look back IP address)

    Please note: the 09150388 is a true account that registers all FXS ports to a proxy server in this example.

    After dialing into the FXO, you need to dial the FXS Representative Number straight away after the V431 finishes playing its IVR and the call will be forwarded to any on-hook FXS port. Or you can configure a warm line for automatic dialing (diverting) to the FXS port (Optional).

  3. Set warm line for automatic dialing to FXS port (Optional). Set Telephony Settings-> FXO -> Hot Line and Warm Line.