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NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
3G29WN Datasheet PDF 811.56 KB03/06/2017
3G29WN Quick Start Guide PDF 598.84 KB03/06/2017
3G29WN User Guide PDF 2.66 MB03/06/2017


NameFile SizeLast ModifiedRelease Notes
3G29WN Firmware Version T01_R04 (New Zealand)5.85 MB03/06/2017View
3G29WN Firmware Version T02_R05 (Australia)5.85 MB03/06/2017View


NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
3G29Wn - How do I Increase the Wireless Reception? PDF 112.08 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - How do I Change the Default Administration Password? PDF 79.47 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Does a BigPond SIM card work with the 3G29Wn? PDF 48.77 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - How Do I Perform a Factory Reset? PDF 538.32 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - How do I Find the Wireless Security Key? PDF 588.35 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Wireless Setup Guide PDF 862.77 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Wireless Security Setup Guide PDF 200.98 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Bridge Mode Setup Guide PDF 817.75 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Wireless MAC Filtering Setup Guide PDF 152.25 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Port Forwarding Setup Guide PDF 198.51 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Remote Administration Setup Guide PDF 79.79 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - System Log Setup Guide PDF 213.66 KB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Quality of Service (QoS) Setup Guide PDF 4.07 MB03/06/2017
3G29Wn - Print Server Setup Guide PDF 5.14 MB03/06/2017