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CD2004 Datasheet PDF 253.04 KB16/07/2017
CD2004 User Guide PDF 547.96 KB16/07/2017
CD2004 AT Commands Reference Manual PDF 113.46 KB16/07/2017


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CD2004 Drivers84.17 KB16/07/2017


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Is Windows 2003 Fax Service Incompatible? HTML -01/09/2017
Are there any common analogue related problems? HTML -16/07/2017
CD2000 Series - Power Supply specifications for the Mega-I-Modem range HTML -16/07/2017
CD2004 - Initialisation Strings for the Mega-I-Modem HTML -16/07/2017
CD2004 - Does the Mega-I-Modem support Distinctive ring? HTML -16/07/2017
CD2004 - Is there Mac Support for the Mega I Modem? HTML -16/07/2017
CD2004 - Are there Windows XP Professional x64 Drivers? HTML -16/07/2017