Support - HS1200NPAK

The NetComm Wireless HS1200N Wireless N Hotspot enables any business to setup a hotspot location and can support up to 500 local accounts and 2000 on-demand users at a time.

Product Notice: End of Sale Announcement for HS1200N and the HS1200PAK

NetComm wishes to advise its customers and partners that the HS1200N Wireless N Hotspot and the HS1200N-PAK Wireless N Hotspot bundle have been withdrawn from sale as from 1st August 2018. Bug fixes and other vital updates will continue for a further 3 years until 1st August 2021 after which all technical support will be withdrawn.

Guides & Manuals

NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
HS1200N Datasheet PDF 1 MB10/05/2017
HS1200N User Guide PDF 7.65 MB10/05/2017
HS1200N Quick Start Guide PDF 2.79 MB10/05/2017


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NameFile SizeLast ModifiedRelease Notes
HS1200N Firmware Version 1.20.0019.63 MB17/07/2018View


NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
HS1200N - How do I Perform a Factory Reset? PDF 472.44 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - How Do I Increase the Wireless Reception? PDF 287.87 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Setup Wizard PDF 554.7 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Configuring Billing Plan PDF 749.87 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Integrating the HS1200N to your existing network PDF 729.26 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Limiting WAN bandwidth and enabling WAN connection detection PDF 301.78 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Wireless Ticket Generator and Thermal Printer PDF 186.01 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Configuring the Wireless Network PDF 360.15 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - Configuring Zones PDF 574.3 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - User Log Reporting PDF 689.72 KB04/05/2017
HS1200N - How to Restrict Access to Certain Websites HTML -04/05/2017
HS1200N - How to Setup PayPal as an External Payment Gateway HTML -04/05/2017
HS1200N - Login page is not displayed PDF 958.76 KB13/11/2017
HS1200N - On-Demand User API PDF 314.64 KB22/05/2018
HS1200N - Generating tickets when the ticket generator is broken PDF 235.33 KB22/05/2018
HS1200N - iOS Connection Error Solution PDF 260.19 KB05/06/2018
HS1200N - Remote Administration Setup Guide PDF 511.26 KB02/07/2018