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HS960 Datasheet PDF 258.43 KB22/07/2017
HS960 User Guide PDF 2.51 MB22/07/2017


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HS960 Firmware Version MB22/07/2017View


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HS960 - Are Boosters/High-gain Antennae supported? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - What is 'Account Insufficient' Error? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Do I need to be aligned with a particular ISP to use the HS960 Wireless Gateway? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I use the HS960 to advertise to my customers? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I measure and bill by bandwidth usage? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I use another printer instead of the thermal printer? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can my logo be printed on the receipt produced by the HS960 printer? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can users still use the internet if the thermal printer runs out of paper? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - What do I do if I am in the middle of printing a receipt when the paper runs out? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I use the HS960 with a dial-up connection? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I issue a user name and password that can be used for more than one HS960 e.g. Hotspot Café A and Café B? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can users VPN into their office network with the HS960? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I schedule free time for my customers with the device, e.g. 5 minutes free on Monday morning at 9 am ? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can my users complete their download if their time runs out mid session ? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Can I restrict bandwidth to users logged on to the HS960 ? HTML -22/07/2017
HS960 - Paypal Transaction Error PDF 129.49 KB22/07/2017
HS960 - Post Paid Billing Guide PDF 121.82 KB22/07/2017