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IAC4500 Datasheet PDF 389.76 KB21/06/2017
IAC4500 User Guide PDF 4.34 MB21/06/2017


In order to provide the best possible user experience, please update your device to the latest firmware release. Please note that NetComm supports the last two official firmware releases only. If you have upgraded your device and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

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IAC4500 Firmware Version 1.02.16965.72 KB21/06/2017View


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How to configure NetComm IAC4500 for billing by volume application with NCT480 IP DSLAM using Port Location Mapping? PDF 1.96 MB31/08/2017
IAC4500 Port Location Mapping PLM with NP2724M 802.1q VLAN switch PDF 732.69 KB21/06/2017
NCT240 V3.0.9 VLAN Implementation with IAC4500 White Paper PDF 882.09 KB31/08/2017
VLAN tagging setup with Netgear FS750T VLAN switch and IAC4000 PDF 1.05 MB21/06/2017
VLAN tagging setup with NP2624M switch and IAC4000 PDF 560.34 KB21/06/2017