Support - IFWA-40

Product Announcement: For support, please contact AT&T on 800-331-0500 in the first instance. If you have already contacted them, you may log a helpdesk ticket here. When logging a helpdesk ticket here, ensure that Request Type is set to “Fixed Wireless”, “IFWA-40” and then select the reason for the request. If this is your first time logging a support ticket, you must first create an account by clicking on “New Account” and completing the form.

Note: This product is only available through AT&T in the United States of America.

Guides & Manuals

Name Format File Size Last Modified
IFWA-40 User Guide PDF 3.17 MB 13/06/2019
IFWA-40 Quick Start Guide PDF 1.03 MB 13/06/2019


Name Format File Size Last Modified
IFWA-40 - What kind of external antennas can I use with the AT&T Wireless Internet? HTML - 05/07/2019
IFWA-40 - How can I configure the AT&T Wireless Internet to work with my web server? HTML - 05/07/2019
IFWA-40 - Will my IP address change? HTML - 05/07/2019
IFWA-40 - How do I connect my device to WiFi? The label shows an alphanumeric code, but my screen only allows numbers to be entered. HTML - 05/07/2019
IFWA-40 - Why does my Caller ID not show the right date and time? HTML - 05/07/2019