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IG6000 Datasheet PDF 18.41 KB08/05/2017
IG6000 User Guide PDF 373.31 KB08/05/2017


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IG6000 Firmware Version 2.94278.65 KB04/05/2017View


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Computer/Serial Interface Specifications HTML -04/05/2017
Dial and Talk feature HTML -04/05/2017
General Overview of the IG6000 Industrial Grade Modem HTML -04/05/2017
How to go from “Command” mode to “Local command” mode HTML -04/05/2017
How to load the Voice Alarm messages HTML -04/05/2017
How to set auto-redial on PSTN HTML -04/05/2017
Jumper/Strap settings HTML -04/05/2017
Leased Line Operation HTML -04/05/2017
Loses stored settings after restart. HTML -04/05/2017
Power down feature HTML -04/05/2017
Power LED flashes but modem does not power up HTML -04/05/2017
Remote Voice Setting of alarm messages HTML -04/05/2017
Technical Specifications - IG6000 HTML -04/05/2017
Telephone Line Interface HTML -04/05/2017
Terminal Lock Problem ATRn HTML -04/05/2017
Voice Messaging System HTML -04/05/2017