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NB5Plus4 Datasheet PDF 255.1 KB04/07/2017
NB5Plus4 Quick Start Guide PDF 773.39 KB04/07/2017
NB5Plus4 User Guide PDF 5.22 MB04/07/2017


In order to provide the best possible user experience, please update your device to the latest firmware release. Please note that NetComm supports the last two official firmware releases only. If you have upgraded your device and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

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NB5Plus4 1.Cx Firmware1.85 MB04/07/2017View
NB5Plus4 2.Ax Firmware2.23 MB04/07/2017View


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NB5Plus4 Drivers68.34 KB04/07/2017


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NB5 Series - ADSL2/+ Compatibility Guide HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - What do I do if I am unable to access some secure sites like Hotmail, eBay, etc? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - What is the Telnet Username and Password? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Are there any known Security Concerns? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Does the QoS feature control the Downstream traffic? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - How many Port Forwarding Rules are Supported? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Do they support multiple VoIP devices? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - What if the NB5 does not save the password for my ISP? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - How do I apply IP Filtering? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Why would I Half-Bridge my NB5 Series Modem? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - How do I Connect to the Internet? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - How do I Bridge my NB5? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - How do I Block a Set of Public IP Addresses and Disable NAT? PDF 411.98 KB04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Why do Modem Diagnostic Tests F4 and F5 fail? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Does it support DNAS on Sony Playstation and XBOX Live? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Is there Support for 10Mbps Ethernet cards? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Is the USB port Version 1.1 compliant? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - What if the modem is having trouble maintaining Line Sync? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Is DNS Loopback supported? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5Plus4/W - What do I do if I have Browsing / MTU Issues? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Are there any Common Troubleshooting Steps I can try? HTML -04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Port Forwarding Guide PDF 840.48 KB04/07/2017
NB5 Series - QOS Guide for VoIP Traffic PDF 281.6 KB04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Remote Administration Guide PDF 335.22 KB04/07/2017
NB5 Series - Bridge Mode Setup Guide PDF 194.95 KB04/07/2017