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NB6 Rev1 Datasheet PDF 962.51 KB03/06/2017
NB6 Rev1 Quick Start Guide PDF 1021.97 KB03/06/2017
NB6 Series User Guide PDF 12.28 MB03/06/2017


In order to provide the best possible user experience, please update your device to the latest firmware release. Please note that NetComm supports the last two official firmware releases only. If you have upgraded your device and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

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NB6 Firmware Version 3.64y1.8 MB03/06/2017View


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NB6 Series - How do I resolve VPN client issues? HTML -03/06/2017
NB6 - How do I change the default administration password? PDF 976.39 KB03/06/2017
NB6 - How do I Perform a Factory Reset? PDF 532.7 KB03/06/2017
NB6 - IPTV Setup Guide PDF 6.25 MB03/06/2017
NB6 - System Log Setup Guide PDF 1.06 MB03/06/2017
NB6 - Port Forwarding Setup guide PDF 1.03 MB03/06/2017
NB6 - Bridge Mode Setup Guide PDF 1 MB03/06/2017
NB6 - Remote Administration Setup Guide PDF 505.62 KB03/06/2017