Support - NF10W

Connect to the Internet with your choice of a super-fast DSL or fibre service using the VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem or Ethernet WAN port.

Product Notice: End of Sale Announcement for NF10W 

NetComm Wireless wishes to advise its customers and partners that the NF10W ADSL/VDSL N 300 WiFi router gateway has been withdrawn from sale as from 3rd May 2018.  Bug fixes and other vital updates will continue for a further 2 years until 3rd May 2020 with all technical support withdrawn a year later the 3rd May 2021

NetComm Wireless recommends the NF10WV as a replacement product going forward which offers all of the NF10W’s feature plus voice at a similar price point.

Guides & Manuals

NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
NF10W Datasheet PDF 626.59 KB10/05/2017
NF10W User Guide PDF 1.99 MB10/05/2017
NF10W Quick Start Guide PDF 1020.77 KB16/03/2018


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NameFile SizeLast ModifiedRelease Notes
NF10W Firmware Version R5B01711.15 MB04/05/2017View
NF10W Firmware Version R5B01610.86 MB12/05/2017View


NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
Remote HTTP access from a single IP address PDF 744.7 KB24/04/2017
Enabling WAN VLAN Tagging PDF 332.2 KB24/04/2017
Enabling SRA PDF 159.59 KB24/04/2017
NF10W - How to change the default admin password HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - How to perform a factory reset HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - What if my mobile devices cannot connect to the wireless network HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - How to block a website? HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Ultra Fibre Setup with Spark, New Zealand HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - How Do I Increase the Wireless Reception? HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - NBN Setup with FTTN/FTTB connections - Australia HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Port Forwarding Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Bridge Mode Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - MAC Address Filtering Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - USB Storage Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Wireless Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Wireless Security Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Port Triggering for a VPN Connection Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - PlayStation Configuration Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Xbox Configuration Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Remote Administration Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017
NF10W - Quality of Service Setup Guide HTML -04/05/2017