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NP204 Datasheet PDF 769.38 KB03/06/2017
NP204 Quick Start Guide PDF 792.99 KB03/06/2017
NP204 User Guide PDF 2.5 MB03/06/2017


In order to provide the best possible user experience, please update your device to the latest firmware release. Please note that NetComm supports the last two official firmware releases only. If you have upgraded your device and are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

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NP204 Firmware557.27 KB03/06/2017View


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Powerline Utility237.93 MB04/06/2017


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NP204 - Can I connect my HomePlug device to an extension cord or a UPS? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Can I connect my HomePlug to my Ethernet enabled PS2/Xbox/other device? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Can I use other HomePlug brands with this one? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Can I use this device with any other HomePlug? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Do I have to install the HomePlug Configuration Utility on every single computer? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Does HomePlug cause any interference with other my other home networking device? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Does this Homeplug work with AC input 220 - 240V? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - How do I find out what the Link Quality of my HomePlug device is? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - How many HomePlug devices do I need to setup a power line network? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - How many NP200 Series Homeplug devices can I install on one PowerLine network? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Why do I get an error message when I try to open my NP204 HomePlug config utility? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Is the HomePlug powerline technology compatible with other home networking technologies? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Planning your Powerline network HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - What are the benefits of using power outlets to connect devices found in the home? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - What are the challenges of using power outlets to connect devices in the home? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - What O/S does the NP204 Home Plug configuration utility support? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - What’s the estimated range of HomePlug? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Why is it that my HomePlug units do not find each other using the configuration utility? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Why is the signal strength so Poor? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Will anything happen if lighting strikes my house? HTML -04/06/2017
NP204 - Will HomePlug work in any home? HTML -04/06/2017
Adding An Additional Powerline Adaptor to an Existing Powerline Network PDF 104.03 KB04/06/2017
NP204 - LED Status Guide and Determining the Connection Rate PDF 576.92 KB04/06/2017
NP204 - Simple Connect Guide PDF 547.55 KB04/06/2017
Connecting NP204 with NP202Wn PDF 254.05 KB03/07/2017
Connecting to Other Powerline Models and Default Private Network Names PDF 1.02 MB04/06/2017
NP204 - Troubleshooting Guide PDF 360.69 KB04/06/2017