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NP505 Datasheet PDF 375.14 KB16/07/2017
NP505 Quick Start Guide PDF 660.32 KB16/07/2017


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NP505 Utility Version 5.1.1247.11 MB16/07/2017


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NP505 - Can I use other HomePlug brands with this one? PDF 126.19 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Can I connect my HomePlug device to an extension cord or a UPS? PDF 126.9 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Will HomePlug work in any home? PDF 125.32 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Why is the signal strength so Poor? PDF 128.64 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Why is it that my HomePlug units do not find each other using the configuration utility? PDF 127.46 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - What’s the estimated range of HomePlug? PDF 126.05 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - What are the challenges of using power outlets to connect devices in the home? PDF 126.25 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - What are the benefits of using power outlets to connect devices found in the home? PDF 125.14 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Planning your Powerline network PDF 125.69 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Is the HomePlug powerline technology compatible with other home networking technologies? PDF 127.98 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - How many NP500 Series Homeplug devices can I install on one PowerLine network? PDF 124.59 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - How many HomePlug devices do I need to setup a power line network? PDF 124.85 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Does this Homeplug work with AC input 220 - 240V? PDF 127.18 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Does HomePlug cause any interference with other my other home networking device? PDF 127.93 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Do I have to install the HomePlug Configuration Utility on every single computer? PDF 125.18 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Simple Connect Guide PDF 317.87 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - LED Status Guide and Determining the Connection Rate PDF 238.33 KB16/07/2017
NP505 - Adding An Additional Powerline Adaptor to an Existing Powerline Network PDF 186.55 KB16/07/2017