Support - NTC-3000

The industrial-grade 3G Serial Modem (NTC-3000) supports serial data communications across a diverse range of machines and is ideal for SCADA use. It offers reliable performance, universal installation and remote control in any data telemetry environment.

Guides & Manuals

NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
NTC-3000 Datasheet PDF 3.3 MB10/05/2017
NTC-3000 User Guide PDF 1.91 MB10/05/2017
NTC-3000 Quick Start Guide PDF 1.25 MB10/05/2017
M2M Brochure PDF 3.86 MB10/05/2017


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NameFile SizeLast ModifiedRelease Notes
NTC-3000-01 Firmware Version 1.0.74893.71 KB21/04/2017View
NTC-3000-02 and NTC-3000-03 Firmware Ver 1.0.7223.63 MB21/04/2017View


NameFile SizeLast Modified
NTC-3000 Series - Window Watcher utility20.34 MB19/06/2017
NTC-3000 Series - Mac Watcher utility6.1 MB19/06/2017


NameFormatFile SizeLast Modified
NTC-3000 - Is the NTC-3000 series a 3G serial modem? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 - What are the port settings required for the NTC-3000 Series? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 - What is the difference between circuit and packet switched data? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 - Can the mini USB port be used to connect to legacy devices? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 - Why can’t I connect an Ethernet (RJ-45) cable to the NTC-3000 Series? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 Series - I am unable to send any AT commands to the NTC-3000? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 Series - I only receive garbage text when sending AT commands to the NTC-3000? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 Series - I am not able to access the NTC-3000 remotely? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 Series - The NTC-3000 LEDs are not lighting up? HTML -21/04/2017
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NTC-3000 - I am receiving an ‘ERROR’ response from the NTC-3000? HTML -21/04/2017
NTC-3000 - I am receiving an ‘ERROR (##)’ response from the NTC-3000 with an error code that I don’t understand? HTML -21/04/2017