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V85 Datasheet PDF 616.74 KB20/07/2017
V85 Quick Start Guide PDF 879.91 KB20/07/2017
V85 User Guide PDF 2.13 MB20/07/2017


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V85 - Firmware Upgrade Instructions PDF 27.38 KB20/07/2017
V85 - VoIP Setup Guide HTML -20/07/2017
VoIP Troubleshooting Guide HTML -02/07/2017
V85 - What about VoIP providers who require the * key to dial? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - What is the Login Password? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - Is it free to use the IP Phone to make a voice call? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - How do I perform a hardware reset? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - How do I connect using the V85 PPPoE client? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - What does the 'MESSAGE' button do? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - Does the IP Phone support Power Over Ethernet ability? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - How much network bandwidth is needed for each VoIP call? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - What if I can make calls but cannot receive calls? (IINet) HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - Is it possible to use the IP Phone behind a IP-Sharing device (NAT)? HTML -20/07/2017
V85 - Is the IP Phone interoperable with Cisco VoIP devices? HTML -20/07/2017
Is Skype supported? HTML -16/07/2017
V85 - What kind of network environment is needed for the IP Phone? HTML -20/07/2017